Key Contacts for Flooding Emergencies

Key reminders

  1. During a flood event RBC will prioritise the delivery of sandbags to those most vulnerable and at risk of immediate internal flooding of habitable rooms (not garages or gardens)
  2. Please use the RBC contact details below so that your call can be correctly logged and information shared with our teams.
  3. RBC do not deliver sandbags to commercial businesses
  4. Be aware that during a flood event the road network may flood which can mean access and the delivery of sandbags to homes may not be possible therefore being prepared in advance is vital
  5. Check if you have a local flood resilience store in your area operated by local Town and Parish Councils as you may be able to obtain sandbags during an event from this location
  6. Finally please be prepared – if you’re at risk of flooding it’s vital to take steps to protect your home by fitting flood protection measures and keeping your own stock of sandbags
Flood Emergencies